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This Twistshake comfort blanket is both comforting and soothing with its cute looks, super soft feel and lovely positivity. We are sure it will quickly become your child's best friend. Therese the Bunny is someone you can count on in every situation!
Barva: Bunny
Bezpečné platby
Rychlé doručení po celém světě!

Inteligentní funkce a moderní design

Bezpečný design

Uklidňující deky společnosti Twistshake jsou vyrobené z nehořlavého materiálu a jsou vybavené bezpečnými doplňky.

Snadné označení štítkem

Dodává se s praktickým štítkem, na který můžete napsat jméno svého dítěte a telefonní číslo.

Výjimečně hebký materiál

Králík Terezka je vyroben z úžasně měkkého plyšového materiálu v krásné smetanově bílé barvě.

Popis výrobku

Sure, sometimes she may bounce a little too fast and stumble on her soft paws, but she is always happy and definitely best at giving comfort and for wiping away sad tears from little cheeks! Twistshake's Therese the Bunny comfort blanket is made of a soft and cuddly material in the most beautiful cream white and will immediately give a feeling of calm and safety to your little one. The long ears are made to snuggle, while the body makes the comfort blanket easy to hold and easy to carry with you in all situations. Lay her in bed when it is time for your child to sleep or bring her along as a reassuring support in situations where the child may feel a little worried or insecure. Therese the Bunny is always there to comfort you!

Shaped as a cute rabbit, this Twistshake comfort blanket is made from a super soft velour fabric in a lovely cream white shade. It is also equipped with a smart little label so that you can write your child's name and phone number in case the blanket accidentally gets misplaced at preschool or when you are out having an adventure. Therese the Rabbit can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees. She is designed with durable details, is completely flame resistant, and contains no flame retardants. This means that your comfort blanket is approved and CE marked according to EN71 and can be used by children from 0 months onwards.

Funkce a vlastnosti
Size: 33 x 33 cm
Flame-proof material
No flame retardant added
CE marked
EN71 tested
Comes with sturdy details
Equipped with a label for the child's name and telephone number
Made from super soft velour (100% polyester)
Can be washed at 40 degrees in washing machine
Holiday Sale Deal • 70%0 mth+ / Bunny

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155.70 CZK