My first baby bottles



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This package offers:

Baby Bottles

Twistshake’s anti-colic feeding bottle counteracts infant colic with an air valve and mixer net. BPA free. Soft, round teat. Wide bottleneck. Swedish design.

Sippy Cups 

Did your child just start drinking by themself?  

Then Twistshake's sippy cups, is the perfect choice for you and your child's active lifestyle. 

Choose between, mini cup, straw cup, crawler cup and kid cup. 

2x Pacifier

Safe and stylish pacifier with orthodontic shape for healthy tooth development. Comes with air holes that prevent moist and irritated skin. Choose from several sizes, colours and designs. Free from BPA.


The anti-colic valve counteracts colic and allows the milk to flow freely. In order to allow your child to receive the correct support when feeding, the bottom of the teat is breast-shaped and soft.

My first baby bottles

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