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The Twistshake Bowl has a smart anti-slip bottom that prevents the bowl from sliding across the table, keeping it in place more easily. A useful lid is included with each bowl.
Color: Rose Gold

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Descripción del producto

Twistshake's bowl is designed to make your time with your child at the dining table easier. It has a smart anti-slip bottom that stops the bowl from sliding around on the table. A useful lid is included with each bowl, transforming it into a food box for leftover food, or for a picnic on a day out. If you have two or more, they can be easily stacked to take up less space thanks to a smart innovation, TwistClick, which makes it possible to click the lid onto the bowl above. The shape of the bowl is designed to fit perfectly with Twistshake's cutlery series.

Of course, the bowl is free of BPA to ensure your child's safety. The material is made of quality-assured PP plastic and TPE plastic which is extra robust for durability. The bowl works well in the microwave and is dishwasher safe on the upper rack. It holds 520 ml of food and is suitable for your child from 6 months.

For the optimal meal, we recommend that you purchase our smart Click-mat, which sticks to the table with a vacuum, then you attach Twistshake's bowl to it with a simple click, and the bowl will not end up on the floor! A must for the child who has just begun to learn to eat for him- or herself and for the parent who wants a quiet and comfortable meal without much mess! Available in two choices: Click-mat with plate 6+M and Click-mat Mini 6+M.

Twistshake's children's bowl is available in several beautiful colours for every taste! Which do you think will be your little one's favourite? Let your child help choose the colours, and you can mix and match with our other products for your child's very own personalised children's tableware, creating a more enjoyable mealtime!

BPA free - a safe and secure product for you and your child.
Anti-slip bottom - prevents the plate from sliding easily on the dining table.
Holds - 520 ML / 17 OZ
Deep Plate - perfect for purée and liquid food.
Plate made of PP and TPE plastic - made from premium materials.
TwistClick - with the smart lid you also have a food box for storage or outings.
Safe for microwave and dishwasher on the upper rack.
Suitable for your child from 6 months.
Click-mat - attach your plate to Twistshake's smart Click-mat (suction mat that acts as a plate with suction cup) with a simple click - no more plates on the floor!

Función práctica y diseño moderno

Tapa giratoria de clic

¡Guarda de manera fácil la comida sobrante! Cada plato viene con una tapa que lo transforma en una práctica fiambrera. Es perfecta para llevar de paseo. La tapa también puede enroscarse en el plato superior para almacenarlo de manera más estable.

Base antideslizante

La base del plato está hecha con un material antideslizante para que el plato no se deslice fácilmente sobre la mesa.

Plato hondo

Un plato hondo perfecto para purés y alimentos líquidos más ligeros. El plato está diseñado para usarse con la cubertería de Twistshake para que tu hijo(a) pueda comer más fácilmente.


¡Imprescindible para todos los niños que ya hayan aprendido a comer en la mesa! El mantel Click-mat de Twistshake se adhiere a la mesa con ventosa y puedes fijar tu plato con un simple clic. El mantel se adhiere a la mesa y hace que el plato sea casi imposible de mover.

Mezcla y combina

¡Los cambios siempre son buenos! Todos los platos, tapas y manteles de Twistshake se pueden combinar entre sí para que podáis crear vuestro propio y colorido Twistmix.

Nuestros modelos de platos

Los platos para niños de Twistshake están disponibles en tres modelos. Uno hondo, perfecto para purés y alimentos líquidos más ligeros. Uno con compartimentos, para no mezclar la comida. Uno plano, para servir comida más compacta.

Bowl6 meses+ / Rose Gold

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7.50 EUR

Twistshake aspira a desarrollar productos que sean simples y seguros de usar, pero también ofrece un diseño atractivo. Somos de la opinión de que aspirar a la funcionalidad no significa que podamos ignorar la estética, por lo que nuestros diseñadores siempre están buscando formas de combinar lo funcional y práctico con un diseño agradable a la vista.