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What is The Hunger Project?

The Hunger Project is a global non-profit organization, with a mission to end global hunger by 2030. They work in 13 countries and implement the program 1000 Days Nutrition worldwide, with a special focus in their 9 African partner countries.

Twistshake x The Hunger Project

The Hunger project invests in causes where we can be involved as partners and follow the work very closely. The 1000 Days Nutrition program in the African program countries is clearly connected to children which is a perfect fit for us. The program aims to reduce child malnutrition, starting with mothers. The program includes vaccinations, weight checks, maternity care and education about nutrition and health. This is something close to our hearts at Twistshake. We have redesigned our reusable squeeze bags to help people reduce their use of disposable products and contribute to a more sustainable world. We at Twistshake look forward to working with The Hunger project. Now you can join in and contribute. When you purchase our reusable squeeze bags in the Africa edition, you help to eliminate world hunger. You can help a mother make life better for her little baby. Together we can make a difference.

The Thousand Days Opportunity

1000 days is the time from the start of a pregnancy, until the child is 2 years old. This time period is of crucial importance when it comes to shaping the future of generations to come. Knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding during the first months, access to nutritious food for both the mother and child, and access to health care has a tremendous impact on the child’s chances to break the cycle of poverty and live healthy later in life.

Nutrition Education

Exclusive breastfeeding and access to the right nutritious food is key to a healthy life for a newborn. Since 2010 The Hunger Project have educated 478 986 people in nutrition, focusing on pregnant women, mothers and children.

Maternal Care

Since 2010, 232 795 pregnant women have been given access to maternal care at The Hunger Project´s rural clinics.

Physical Monitoring

At The Hunger Project´s clinics, we are monitoring children’s weight and height development to track signs of malnutrition. Last year, 98 608 children were enrolled for monitoring (since 2010, the number is 1 246 316).


Since 2010, The Hunger Project have vaccinated almost a million children (923 439) to protect them from dangerous infectious diseases. Last year, 54 467 children were vaccinated.

Meal Program

In The Hunger Project´s nursery schools, we have given 41 000 children access to a healthy and nutritious lunch, every day (since 2010).

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