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Magnus the Elephant comforts, listens, and feels incredibly soft against even the littlest of cheeks. This comfort blanket from Twistshake will immediately become your baby's new best friend. Made from cuddly velour fabric in a beautiful grey hue.
Boja: Elephant
Sigurno plaćanje
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Pametna funkcija i moderni dizajn

Jednostavno možete ponijeti sa sobom

Ugodna dekica trgovačke marke Twistshake jednostavnog je dizajna zbog čega je lako možete ponijeti sa sobom u sve svoje životne pustolovine.

Naljepnica za ime

Udobna dekica s motivom slona Magnusa ima praktičnu naljepnicu na koju možete napisati ime djeteta i broj telefona ako se dekica negdje izgubi.

Sigurno za uporabu

Iznimno mekani velur otporan je na plamen i ne sadrži usporivače gorenja.

Opis proizvoda

Although he is both the largest and clumsiest animal on the savannah, Magnus the Elephant will always be of service with his comforting trunk. In addition, his big ears are made to listen to all of your child's thoughts, fears and worries. Let Twistshake's cuddly comfort blanket become your child's new best friend, who can instil both calm and courage in situations that might otherwise feel a little scary. In addition, the soft velour fabric is perfect for cuddling down with a book or snuggles when it's time to sleep.

Twistshake's comfort blanket is made from flame-resistant material without flame retardants and is therefore perfectly safe and gentle to use for children from 0 months onwards. It has no loose parts and all the details are sturdy so as not to risk them coming apart when your child is playing or cuddling with it. The small label on the edge of the elephant has room for the child's name and phone number so that the comfort blanket can soon be located if it happens to be lost when you and your child are out on an adventure. Twistshake's comfort blankets are also available as lions, rabbits and lambs, and you can find them here on our website! Which will be your child's new favourite?

Soft and lightweight high quality velour fabric
Secure details for safe use
Made of flame-resistant material
Free from flame retardants
Approved and CE marked according to EN71
Size: 30 x 30 cm
Label with space for the child's name and phone number
Can be washed in washing machine at 40 degrees
Suitable for children from 0 months
Also available as lion, rabbit, and lamb
Holiday Sale Deal • 70%0 mth+ / Elephant

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44,97 HRK