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Teat mix & dishbrush

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Twistshake Bottle Brush will ensure a non-scratch and proper cleaning of your feeding bottles, straw cups and teats. The soft bristles will flexibly adapt to different bottle forms and its structured and innovative teat brush will easily clean the teat on the inside. The Bottle Brush has a large hanging hold for easy storage and drying.

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.With Twistshake's easy-to-use and special designed bottle brush, you will most likely not want to use another dish brush after your child's meals.Twistshake Bottle Brush ensures a scratch-free and correct cleaning of your baby bottles, sippy cups and teats. The bristles of the dish brush are soft and adapt flexibly to different bottle shapes, and prevent glass and plastic from being scratched. This bottle brush has a smart, simple and innovative teat brush that effectively cleans both the teats and the bottom of the bottles. The flexible brush head reaches where ordinary dish brushes do not.The bottle brush has a large hanging grip for easy storage and drying, and the structured handle provides a great grip regardless of if you are washing your dishes alone or have your little baby on your arm.With Twistshake Bottle Brush, you make sure you clean your baby bottles, straw cups, breast pumps, breast milk bottles and baby insulated flasks both gently and thoroughly. As it is important to clean both breastfeeding accessories and baby bottles, especially if you have pumped out breast milk, it is a good idea to use both the bottle brush and a sterilizer, then you ensure that the baby bottles are both safe and clean enough to use.Our self-designed bottle brush is not only for baby bottles and breast pump equipment, you can of course use it for other dishes, although it is preferable to keep it for your particular bottles. Another good thing about the Twistshake Bottle Brush is that it is free of BPA, BPS and BPF, and consists of selected premium, odourless and safe materials.