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Give your baby's itching gums a nice massage with our teething ring when teething first starts. Easy to hold, it is developed in a soft material, with a textured surface. Free from BPA.
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Is it time for your baby's first teeth? Then you need a teething ring or two! Soothe your baby with Twistshake's teething ring, made from a soft material with a textured surface that gives your baby's tender gums a nice massage. Specially designed for your baby's first teeth. The teething ring has two surfaces to use and suits even the smallest infants. The ring shape makes it easy for your baby to pick up and hold. Free from BPA, of course. Choose from several stunning colours!

Sem BPA – um produto seguro para si e para o seu bebé.
Superfície texturizada - acalma a comichão nas gengivas.
Muito leve e fácil de segurar - perfeito para mãos pequenas dos bebés.
Adequado para bebés a partir de 1 mês.
Plástico PP e TPE - fabricado com materiais de primeira qualidade.

Função inteligente e design moderno

Soft Material

The soft part of the ring massages your baby's sore gums and relieves the itchy feeling when the first teeth break through.

Easy to Hold

Perfect for your babies’ hands! The teething ring is extra light and easy to hold.

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