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Did you know that our colors got different names and meanings..?

Pink Crazymonkey: Pink is the color of love, purity and mercy. It can reflect happiness and can have a soothing effect, as well as a strong feeling of unity. Pink is the color that helps you strengthen your immune system and let go of fear.

Blue Cookiecrumb: Blue is a color signifying calm, dedication, truth, a lively imagination, peace and happiness. Blue is the color that relaxes you, makes you feel at peace, that helps you communicate while increasing your focus and reducing your stress.

Orange Sunbeam: Orange is the color of warmth, creativity and feelings. It signifies courage, joy and it has an outgoing personality. The color orange stands for sensitivity, compassion, adaptability and intensity. The color orange puts you in a good mood, soothes you and energizes you.

Green Sugarpuss: Green is characterized by mercy, love and empathy. It is the color of peace, growth and sympathy. Green can hint of a personality that is trustworthy and open-minded and helps you see the positive things in your daily life. It creates balance and harmony.

Purple Bestie: The meaning of purple is auspiciousness and loyalty. Purple has attributes such as intelligence, responsibility, ambition, imagination and majesty. Purple is the color that helps you reduce pain, achieve inner peace, improve your confidence and that makes you courageous.

White DIamond: White is the color symbolizing truth, innocence, purity, honesty, goodness and joy. The color white helps you create calm and shows that you are telling the truth. Some people say that it has healing and emancipating powers. It is the color of peace.

Peach Dreamcatcher: Peach is energy. Peach is the color that mirrors adventure, adrenalin, will, ambition. The color is bright, strong and quickly catches your attention. Peach helps you achieve more.

Turquoise Sleepyhead: The color Turquoise symbolizes patience, healing and balance. It is affluences, strengths and kindness’ color. Turquoise calms the nerves and strengthens the immune system.

Yellow Starlight: Yellow is the color of joy, happiness and creativity. It’s the color that captures people’s attention more than any other color. Yellow is associated with optimism, energy and intelligence.

Black Superhero: The color black represents strength, glamour and power. Black symbolizes elegance, luxury and safety. Black is the color of magnificence and foreverness. It is the color that binds everything together.

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