Comfort Blanket

Comfort Blanket

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Twistshakes comfort blankets quickly becomes the favorite! A comfort blanket in super soft material of the highest quality. Twistshake comfort blanket is available in several animal forms: lion, bunny, elephant and lamb. A smart and practical note to write your childs name and phone number, if the blanket is lost. Approved and CE certified in accordance with EN71. Machine wash in 40 degrees.


Size: 33 x 33 cm
Flame proof, flame retardant is not added
Super soft velboa material, 100% polyester
Washable in 40 degrees
Comfort blankets are available in 4 different animals, Lion, Bunny, Elephant and Lamb


PATRIK THE LION Patrik the lion, ruler of the savannah. He leads his herd towards safe goals. Patrik looks like a sweet and innocent lion, but don't be fooled, he is cunning and stubborn as few.
MAGNUS THE ELEPHANT Magnus the elephant, takes up a lot of space and most commonly seen on the savannah. With his big ears he is a good listener, somewhat clumsy, but with a big heart. Magnus the Elephant never forgets.
JESSICA THE LAMB Jessica the lamb, it's the calmest and whitest animal in the herd. Jessica is carefree and happy in life.
THERESE THE BUNNY Therese the bunny, always looks at things from the bright side. She's always trying to please everyone, which sometimes makes her jump a bit too fast.

Lila Bestie

Lilas betydelse kan vara en känsla av rikedom och lojalitet. Lila har egenskaper som intelligent, ansvarig, ambitiös, kreativ och majestätisk. Lila är färgen som hjälper dig att stilla smärta, få inre lugn, få bättre självkänsla och bli modigare.