Bathtub Cushion

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Elevate your baby’s bath time comfort.

- Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit for every baby.
- A smart hanger allows for quick drying and simpler storage.
- So comfy, you'll start wondering why we don’t make one for adult bath tubs.
- Made with our Bathtub
in mind, making bath time both easy and comfortable.
- Buoyant design.

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Q: Any care Instructions for the Bath Cushion?

A simple cleanse with mild soap and water keeps the Bath Cushion fresh. Just hang it out after washing for even drying. Remember, skip the baby oil to avoid misoloring, and the washing machine to maintain its plush comfort.

Q: At what age range can my baby use the Bath Cushion?

Your baby can use our Bath Cushion from birth, making it suitable for day one onwards.

Q: What are the measurements of the Bath Cushion, and what material is it made from?

Size (cm): 32*16*46. The outside of it is made of Spandex (Polyurethane) and the inside is made of Polyester Fibre.

Recommended age: From 0 months
Suitable for: Twistshakes bathtub
Material: Polyester & Elastane
Colour: Grey
Washing advice: Handwash
More Info

Twistshakes newborn-friendly bathtub cushion makes bathtime significantly easier. The cushion is super soft to lie on, and the floating features give your baby maximum calmness and comfort. To customize the cushion even better for your little one, easily adjust the three-way-fixing straps by rolling them up. By doing so, you can ensure that the cushion is at the appropriate height in relation to the water level.

The next best thing after having your baby lying comfortably in the bath is getting your hands free! So, there's no need to try to hold your baby steady while sitting on the bathroom floor in an uncomfortable position. Meaning: more enjoyable baths for both of you!

When you feel all done and happy, simply hang the cushion in its smart hanger for faster drying. This cushion is an absolute must-have for all baby parents. So don't hesitate to try it out. We promise you won't regret it!

Remember to never leave your baby in the bath without adult supervision!

Bathtub Cushion0 mth+ / Grey

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874.30 CZK

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