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Fan & Power Bank

6 mth+ / Black


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With our portable fan, you and your baby can stay cool the whole summer. Thanks to its super flexible arms, you can attach the fan to almost anything: the front tubing of your stroller, your baby's crib, your baby gym, or a bookcase – your own creativity is the only limit. If that wasn’t enough, it also doubles as a power bank and can be used for up to 34 hours between charges.

♥︎ Give your baby a nice breeze on hot summer days
♥︎ Put it on your baby’s stroller or crib
♥︎ Use as a power bank - charge your phone on the go
♥︎ Long battery life (up to 34 hours)
♥︎ Silent - can be used during nap time

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Product Description

No matter how much we love a warm summer day, we all know that sometimes it can be a bit too much - especially for the little ones in the family. With our portable fan, you can be sure that you and your child stay comfortable and cool even during more challenging temperatures. With three speed settings and low noise level, this fan is the perfect companion for both naptime and intense play.

Thanks to its super flexible legs, you can attach the fan to almost anything: the stroller, crib, baby gym, or a bookshelf - only your imagination sets the limits. Of course, it can also be used standing on a flat surface. As if that wasn't enough, it also functions as a power bank, so you never have to worry about your mobile phone's battery level when you're on the go.

Equipped with a powerful 5200 mAh battery, the fan can be used for up to 34 hours between charges. A USB-C cable is included in the package.

Weight (kg): 0.370
Battery life: approx. 10-34 hours
Charging: approx. 4 hours
Speed: 3 different speed modes
Noise level: 36 dB - 45 dB
Charging cable included: yes, USB-C
Fan & Power Bank6 mth+ / Black

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648.70 CZK

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