Meet the

Twistshake Food Processor V2


Our baby food processor

Serve your kids healthy, homemade meals in the blink of an eye with our Baby Food Processor 2.0 – now updated with a slim, space-saving design and super-responsive touch display.

Manual Mixing Program

Mixes your food into delicious smoothies, baby food or purées (Why not have it on the go in one of the included Squeeze Bags?

Healthy, homemade meals in no time?

We’ve got your back!

Make your own baby food

Nutritious and yummy recipes for your baby

find our best recipies

Automatic Mixing Program

Automatically mixes your food of choice in ten cycles with ten-second intervals

Steam Program:

Cooks your food of choice (vegetables, meat, fish, legumes, etc.) while keeping all the nutrients intact

Sterilizing Program:

Keeps your child’s teats, bottles, and pacifiers clean and safe to use

The easiest way to give your baby the nutrition they need

Parenting is a lot of work, but we got your back!

Defrost Program

Defrosts frozen food

Automatic Cleaning Program:

Cleans the jar and mixing blade with a simple push of a button

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