12 mth+ / Grey & Off white


21.95 EUR

Potty training made easy! Our potty is not only comfortable for your baby. It’s also convenient for you. With its steady design, high splash guard, and removable inner potty, our potty is super easy to use, empty, and clean. Meaning: no more messy potty training!

♥︎ Potty training made easy
♥︎ Super comfy to sit on
♥︎ Safe and steady design
♥︎ High splash guard ensures nothing gets out
♥︎ Removable inner potty – easy emptying & cleaning

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Product Description

Twistshakes potty is the perfect companion during your baby's potty-training journey. With its stylish design, numerous practical features, and comfortable build, our potty is a must-have for all parents and babies.

Thanks to its ergonomic height, soft edges, and backrest, your little one can sit on the potty comfortably. The non-slip rubber bottom ensures the potty is standing table on the bathroom floor, and the inner potty with its high splash guard ensures nothing gets out. The inner potty also has a smart handle under the splash guard, making it super easy for you to empty and clean the potty after use.

Goodbye diapers – hello potty! - A smooth and stress-free journey for you and your baby.

Height (cm): 23,5
Lenght (cm): 30
Width (cm): 27
Color: White/Grey
Material: PP-plastic & TPE-rubber
Free from: BPA
Potty12 mth+ / Grey & Off white

43.89 EUR

21.95 EUR

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