Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 330 ml 12 fl oz / 4 mth+ / White - 1
Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 330 ml 12 fl oz / 4 mth+ / White - 2
Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 330 ml 12 fl oz / 4 mth+ / White - 3
Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 330 ml 12 fl oz / 4 mth+ / White - 1
Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 330 ml 12 fl oz / 4 mth+ / White - 2
Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 330 ml 12 fl oz / 4 mth+ / White - 3
Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 330 ml 12 fl oz / 4 mth+ / White - 1
Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 330 ml 12 fl oz / 4 mth+ / White - 2
Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 330 ml 12 fl oz / 4 mth+ / White - 3

Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 330 ml

12 fl oz / 4 mth+ / White


8.39 EUR

Our largest anti-colic baby bottle is perfect for babies who are drinking gruel or infant formula. The baby bottle has a super soft breast-shaped teat to give your baby a natural feeling and maximum comfort while eating. It also has a wide opening for easy filling, a mixer net for a lump-free experience, and a smart powder container for storing formula powder on the go.

♥︎ Anti-colic baby bottle 330ml - stomach-friendly
♥︎ Breast-shaped teat in size L (4+m)
♥︎ Wide opening for easy filling & cleaning
♥︎ Smart mixer net & powder container included
♥︎ ︎ BPA-free. Microwave & dishwasher safe
Colour: White

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Q: What teat size is included with the bottle?

Our 330ml baby bottle comes with a size L teat, specially designed for newborns (from 4+ months). The teat boasts a soft silicone, round-shaped design that mimics a mother's breast. Additionally, all our teats are compatible with all our bottles, offering seamless adaptability as your baby grows.

Note: We recommend changing your baby's teat every 2 months to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Between each use, always inspect the teat for any cracks or damage, and replace it immediately if any issues are detected.

Q: How does Twistshake's anti-colic bottle enhance my baby's feeding experience?

Twistshake's anti-colic baby bottle, featuring our innovative TwistFlow technology, guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted drinking flow. By eliminating air bubbles that can lead to discomfort, it significantly reduces the risk of colic for your precious baby.

Q: What's the recommended method for cleaning the baby bottle?

Cleaning our bottles is a breeze, and you have two options: you can either use a dishwasher or clean them by hand with a gentle brush. To ensure thorough cleaning, be sure to disassemble all components and allow them to air dry. If desired, you can periodically sterilize the bottle by boiling it in water.

Height (cm): 22
Diameter (cm): 7
Capacity (ml): 330
Teat size: L (4+ months)
Material: PP plastic & silicone
Free from: BPA
Microwave safe: Yes
Dishwasher safe: Yes
More Info

TwistFlow – The anti-colic innovation

Twistshakes anti-colic baby bottle is the perfect solution for your little one's delicate tummy! Thanks to our revolutionary TwistFlow technology, you get no more air bubbles causing pain and discomfort. The air valve in the teat works in a way that releases unnecessary air instead of getting into your baby's sensitive stomach. This gives your baby an even drinking flow and reduces the risk of colic.

Teat – Shaped to mimic a mother’s breast

This baby bottle holds 330ml and comes with our teat in size L, suitable for babies from 4+ months old. The teat is made of soft silicone and is round-shaped to mimic a mother's breast, giving your baby full support and safety. What’s also great is that all our teats fit all our baby bottles, which makes it super easy for you to adapt them as your baby grows.

Wide opening, smart mixing net, and a practical formula container

Our baby bottles are smart and practical, with a wider opening, mixing net, and formula container. So, say goodbye to lumps and spills and make preparation a breeze - at home or on the go.

Smart function and modern design

Anti-Colic Teat

Twistshake’s specially-designed teat is made from the carefully tested material silicone, and has an air valve for a smooth flow to prevent excess air from reaching your baby's sensitive stomach. With a round, soft shape, it is of course, free from BPA, BPS, BPF.

Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

Twistshake's baby bottle counteracts an infant’s colic with the smart flow system Twistflow, which consists of an air valve and mixer-net for a smooth flow, that prevents excess air from reaching your baby's sensitive stomach.

Anti-Colic Mixer Net

Twistshake's baby bottle always comes with a smart mixer net that prevents clumping during shaking, and ensures a smooth mix for an even flow.

Smart Formula Container

You can use this container to prepare your next meal in advance, or store snacks such as vegetable sticks or fruit pieces in it. It is stackable for easy storage.

Easy to Clean

Twistshake's baby bottle's has a straight design that allows for an extra-wide bottle neck to make it easier to wash with the washing-up brush, without compromising the grip and feel of the bottle.

Teat Flow

Twistshake has a range of teats with a selection of flow rates. If the flow in our standard teat does not suit your baby, it is very easy to change.

Multiple Sizes

Do you need a different the size for your baby? Don't worry if the size does not suit your baby, we offer a range of sizes - take a look!

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Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 330 ml12 fl oz / 4 mth+ / White

11.99 EUR

8.39 EUR

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