Spout Teat

4 mth+ / Teat Spout


5.59 EUR

Reduce the risk of your baby getting colic, stomach pain, and gases with Twistshakes teats. Its flat soft shape is similar to a mother's nipple when breastfeeding and makes your baby feel comfy and safe while eating.

♥︎ Anti-colic - stomach-friendly
♥︎ Soft & flat to mimic a mother’s nipple
♥︎ Easy to adapt the teat to your baby
♥︎ All our teats fit all Twistshakes baby bottles
♥︎ BPA-free & comes in a pack of two
Colour: Teat Spout

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TwistFlow – The anti-colic innovation

Twistshakes anti-colic teat is the perfect solution for your little one's delicate tummy! Thanks to our revolutionary TwistFlow technology, you get no more air bubbles causing pain and discomfort. The air valve in the teat works in a way that releases unnecessary air instead of getting into your baby's sensitive stomach. This gives your baby an even drinking flow and reduces the risk of colic.

Flat teat (4+m): Use for breast milk, infant formula, gruel & wholegrain gruel

How often should you change the teat?

We recommend you change your baby’s teat every 2-3 months to ensure it remains in good condition. Between these changes, always pull the teat to see that there are no cracks or other damage, if there is, you should change it right away!

So, check out our fantastic selection of teats and baby bottles and find the perfect fit for your little one today!

Material: Silicone
Free from: BPA, BPS & BPF
Size: 4+ months
Spout Teat4 mth+ / Teat Spout

7.99 EUR

5.59 EUR

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