Hot or Cold Bottle 420ml Neon Orange

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Twistshakes thermos for children and adults keeps beverages hot or cold for up to 10 hours. It's the perfect size to take with you on a picnic or a day out in the city, and it fits perfectly in a diaper bag or a stroller cup holder.

♥︎ Keeps the temperature for up to 10 hours
♥︎ Small and easy to take on a picnic
♥︎ Use two to quickly mix the formula
♥︎ Premium matte feel
♥︎ Holds 420 ml
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Our thermos is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Fill your thermos with ice water on a hot summer day or hot chocolate on a chilly winter day.

Hot & Cold

With two thermoses on a picnic, you can easily mix the formula. Fill one thermos with hot water and the other with cold. Then take some water from each thermos in the baby bottle and get a perfect temperature in no time.

Capacity - 420 ml.
Size - 22 cm high and 6.5 cm in diameter. The inner dimension of the flasks opening is about 5 cm.
Materials - stainless steel and food-safe silicone.
Maintenance - clean your Hot or Cold before first use. Both bottle and lid should be washed by hand. Shake and wipe the lid after washing, as water can remain inside the lid.
Hot or Cold Bottle 420ml Neon Orange15 fl oz / 0 mth+ / Outlet

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