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Twistshake’s children's plate 6 + M is 100% non-toxic, comes in high-quality hard plastic with an anti-slip bottom. Safe for microwave and dishwasher.
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Descrizione del prodotto

Twistshake’s children's plate is designed to give your child a safe, comfortable meal at the table. It is completely free of BPA so you can feel completely safe with the product and provide your child the best start in life. The material is made of high-quality silicone and hard plastic (PP and TPE plastic). The underside is made of an anti-slip material that helps to keep your child's plate in place. Each plate comes with a smart lid - perfect for when your child leaves food on the plate that needs to be stored conveniently in the fridge. Or when you want to use the plate to take food with you on your journey! Thanks to Twistshake's smart lid and innovative TwistClick system it is easy to stack the plates on top of each other. You simply click the plates with their lids to each other and they will not fall onto the floor when you are removing food from the fridge.

Don't miss out on the fact that Twistshake has two more plate models for your children, to cover all your needs: Deep plate 6+M and Divided plate 6+M. Why not buy one of each and serve your food on the most suitable plate for an easier mealtime? You can mix and match the plates and lids with several delightful colours. All the plates click to Twistshake's smart Click-mat, which is a smart placemat that sticks to the table with a suction cup. The Twistshake plate attaches to it with a simple click and a twist to the right, holding the plate firmly on the table. It is available in two variants: Click-mat Mini (31 cm x 17 cm) and Click-mat with plate (38 cm x 17 cm). Of course, it is 100% non-toxic and is dishwasher safe. This is something you just can't be without when your child starts eating at the dining table, having fun throwing the plate on the floor!

Senza BPA: un prodotto sicuro e affidabile per te e il tuo bambino.
Coperchio intelligente: perfetto per conservare gli avanzi di cibo in frigorifero o per portare i pasti durante le uscite.
Materiale di alta qualità: silicone e PP e plastica TPE.
Impilabile – funzione a clic TwistClick per conservare in maniera sicura.
Click-mat – tutti i piatti Twistshake si adattano al Click-mat di Twistshake (funziona come un piatto con ventosa).
Stoviglie per bambini – non farti sfuggire gli altri modelli di piatti Twistshake: piatti fondi e con divisorio.
Adatto per microonde e lavastoviglie nel cestello superiore.
Adatto ai bambini a partire da 6 mesi.
Disponibile in diversi colori: rosa baby, celeste, lilla, bianco, nero, verde menta e grigio. Qual è il preferito di tuo figlio?
ATTENZIONE! Click-mat di Twistshake non deve essere utilizzato nel forno a microonde.
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