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Material & Sustainability

For us, the safety, development and needs of children always come first. Which is why we place high demands on quality, materials and sustainability when we develop and manufacture our products. Our production is done by external suppliers in China, so it is also important to us that our manufacturers share our vision regarding safety and sustainability. For us, sustainability is how we develop products and the impact we have. How we take care of our employees, suppliers and partners, and our responsibility to the environment.

For future generations

Twistshake constantly strives to reduce our impact on the environment for future generations and to face our responsibilities towards society. Of course, we ensure that we live up to existing standards and certifications regarding our products, and often place higher demands on ourselves than the general guidelines.

Social sustainability

By being a leader on social media within our industry, we have a great responsibility to portray and present children and families in a healthy and respectful manner. This is reflected in the texts and images that we publish. As an international brand, gender equality and diversity in both the workplace and social platforms are an important principle for us. Twistshake does not accept any form of corruption in the business. By signing our code of conduct, our suppliers undertake to work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery. We ensure that we use no child labour, and ensure that our employees enjoy the right conditions and that they are fulfilled.

Our products

With Twistshake, you as a parent can feel confident that your child is using safe and sustainable products. We have strict restrictions on chemicals and we ensure that the physical and mechanical properties of our products are safe. We use independently accredited test institutes to ensure that our products meet all requirements.


We send a large part of our deliveries by train from China to Sweden to limit our climate footprint as much as possible. In cases where this is not possible, we send our goods by boat and when the goods have reached port in Sweden, deliveries to our warehouse in Västerås are always made by train. For our outbound transportation, we use freight forwarders who deliver by bicycle, electric or biofuel vehicles. Where this is not possible, we ensure that they implement climate initiatives and compensate for their emissions.


In our offices and warehouses, we demand that everything possible be recycled, and that energy consumption be optimized. We always strive to identify and implement improvements where we can. We are licensed by national recycling institutes and pay the recycling costs for our waste.

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