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6 mies.+ / White

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Comfortable short and easy, eat-on-your-own cutlery, for your child when they begin to eat at the dining table. The cutlery has a soft-touch surface and an ergonomic finish that gives your child a firmer grip. Free from BPA.
Kolor: White

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Opis produktu

Time for your child to start feeding him- or herself? Then they will need a good start by learning to eat with short, light and comfortable cutlery. Twistshake's eat-on-your-own cutlery has short handles, perfectly configured for infants' hands. With a soft-touch surface, the cutlery is designed to rest firmly in your child's hands. All the pieces have a useful edge on the end of the handle, to prevent them from dropping into the food. Ergonomic, and as always, free from BPA. You can choose from several lovely colours!

Cechy produktu
Nie zawiera BPA – produkt bezpieczny dla Ciebie i dla Twojego dziecka.
Plastik typu PP i TPE - wykonany z najwyższej jakości materiałów.
Miękki w dotyku - delikatna, ergonomiczna powierzchnia gwarantuje optymalny chwyt.
Łyżka, widelec i nóż - kompletny zestaw.
Odpowiedni dla dzieci od 6. miesiąca życia.
Przystosowany do mycia w zmywarce na najwyższej półce.

Inteligentna funkcja i nowoczesny design

Ergonomically designed

The cutlery is designed with grip-friendly handles and an ergonomic shape to fit comfortably in your toddler’s little hands.

Complete Set

This set includes a knife, fork and spoon, so your child will have all the utensils they need, whatever the meal.

Lovely Colours

The handles come in lovely colours, making eating time even more fun!