Hot or Cold

420 fl oz / 0 mês+ / Blue


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Stylish and practical insulated bottle for enjoyable days away. It keeps your baby's drink warm or cold for up to 10 hours. The vacuum flask holds 420 ml and has a slim design that makes it easy to store in your carrying case.
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Time for a trip to the park or football pitch? You’ll need an efficient and stylish vacuum flask the whole family can use. Twistshake’s Hot or Cold in stainless steel is the perfect insulated bottle for your baby's formula, hot chocolate, coffee, and many other drinks when going on an outing with your baby. With its double-walled construction, it keeps your drink hot or cold for up to 10 hours. It holds 420 ml, and its slim design means it fits perfectly in your bag, as well as being pleasing to the eye! Thanks to its rubber casing and soft-touch surface, the exterior of the vacuum bottle has a soft, smooth feel that is pleasant to hold. For quick and easy cleaning, it has a wide opening so you have easy access with dishwashing brush. Hand washing is recommended. The insulated flask must not be put in the freezer or used in a microwave oven. Choose from several lovely colours!

Capacidade - 420 ml.
Tamanho - 22 cm de altura e 6,5 cm de diâmetro. A dimensão interior da abertura dos frascos é de cerca de 5 cm.
Materiais - aço inoxidável e silicone seguro para alimentos.
Manutenção - lave o seu Quente ou Frio antes da primeira utilização. O frasco e a tampa devem ser lavados à mão. Agite e seque bem a tampa após a lavagem, dado que a água pode permanecer dentro da tampa.
Hot or Cold420 fl oz / 0 mês+ / Blue

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