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What is BrandBassador?

BrandBassador is a platform where people can register or get invites to become “brand ambassadors” for selected brands such as Twistshake.

Who can apply and how?

You should be a parent or parent to be, You have over 1000 followers on IG, An open profile. The way it works is simple: to apply to be a BrandBassador for Twistshake, first sign up using this link: . Our team will review your application and IF you get accepted you can start completing missions that will earn different cool rewards: vouchers, free products, and even cash!

How long does my application take to process before I know if I’m selected?

Applications to become a Twistshake BrandBassador can take up to 3 business days to process. You will get a notification in the app/email when accepted.

How do I reach out to BrandBassador if I’m having trouble with the app?

f you’re having trouble with the app or have any further questions about BrandBassador, it is best if you contact us directly via the Brandbassador app. Here’s how you do it: 1. Access the message center by clicking the message icon in your profile page 2. Scroll down till you find the chat with the BrandBassador logo 3. Click on the chat 4. Type in your question

Where can I look if I still have questions before signing up, but they aren’t answered here

You can read more about how BrandBassador works in their FAQ or contact their help center.

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