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Children's plate and placemat with vacuum - click Twistshake’s plate onto the mat with a twist to the right, which attaches by vacuum to your dining table so you can have a nice relaxing time, dining with your child!
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Product Description

Click-mat is designed to fit all flat dining tables. No more plates on the floor! Stay one step ahead of your child with Twistshake's smart Click-mat, which works with the plate to form a vacuum, and never again will you have to wipe up food waste from the floor when your child has thrown his or her plate!

Twistshake’s click function is designed to simplify meal times for you and your child by attaching the plate to the placemat with a simple click and twist to the right, activating the vacuum under the mat. The Click-mat adheres to flat, clean tables and/or highchairs with a vacuum, making the plate almost immovable once attached. This product is a must if you want to have quiet, enjoyable mealtimes with your child who has just started feeding him- or herself and exploring the world!

Twistshake’s plate with Click-mat is available in two different choices and sizes: Click-mat mini 6+M and Click-mat with plate 6+M. Twistshake’s Click-mat fits all three of our plate models: Plate 6+M, Divided Plate 6+M and Deep Plate 6+M. The plates come with a smart lid that transforms it into a food box for leftover food or days out with your child.

Of course, Twistshake's Click-mat with plate is free from BPA - safe for your child and a secure product for you to use. The material is made of quality-assured, soft silicone that is dishwasher safe on the upper rack. It is also easy to store due to its flexibility. The size of the Click-mat is 38 cm long and 23.5 cm wide. It comes in several lovely colours - what is your little one's favourite? Let your child have fun choosing, for a better appetite and a more enjoyable mealtime!

Fits all Twistshake's plate models - Plate 6 + M, Shared plate 6 + M and Deep plate 6 + M.
Detachable plate included - holds 430 ml / 14oz.
Flexible lid - comes with every plate, turning it into a smart food box.
Available in two choices - Click-mat Mini 6 + M and Click-mat with plate 6 + M.
BPA free - a safe and secure product for you and your child.
First class material - soft mat in 100% non-toxic silicone.
Size - measures 38 cm x 25 cm.
Suitable for your child from 6 months of age.
Dishwasher safe on the upper rack.
Available in several beautiful colours: Baby pink, baby blue, lavender, white, black, mint green and grey. Choose your little one's favourite!
NOTE! Twistshake's Click-mat must not be used in a microwave oven.
Click-Mat + Plate6 mth+ / Outlet

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