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The Twistshake comfort blanket Teddy is adorable. It will make the perfect cuddly playmate and bedtime companion with its soothing power and simple design.
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Teddy is the super cute best friend who is always ready to provide comfort and support on all your little one’s adventures from the time they are born. The Twistshake comfort blanket Teddy is perfect for your baby to have in their cot when they rest or as they go about their day.

To ensure not only your baby’s comfort, but their safety as well, the comfort blanket is made with only the best and sturdiest material. The seriously soft and soothing velour fabric is flame-resistant without any added flame retardants and the blanket has EN 71 certification.

For added comfort, safety and security, the blanket comes in a simple yet highly functional design and size that doesn’t include any loose parts. The blanket is easy to hold and it also has a label for easier identification in case it ever gets lost.

Solide Detailverarbeitung, die ein Abreißen verhindert
Hergestellt aus super weichem Velboa-Stoff (100 % Polyester)
Das Material ist schwer entflammbar und frei von Flammschutzmitteln
EN 71-geprüft
Größe: 33 x 33 cm
Ausgestattet mit einem Namensschild, auf dem du den Namen deines Kindes und deine Telefonnummer notieren kannst
40 °C Maschinenwäsche
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Twistshake aspires to develop products that are simple and safe to use, yet also offers an appealing design. We are of the opinion that aiming for functionality does not mean that we can ignore aesthetics, and our designers are always looking for ways to combine practicality with eye-pleasing design.