2x Straw + 1x Straw Cup Seal

12 mth


6.00 USD

Has one or multiple straws for your kid's Straw Cups gone missing? No worries, we know they have a tendency to disappear. That's why we have put together a 2-pack of extra straws + a silicone seal that ensures your kid's straw cup is spill-proof.

♥︎ Spare part for Twistshakes straw cups
♥︎ 2 straws + 1 silicone seal
♥︎ The seal ensures the straw cup is spill-proof

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Twistshakes straws + silicone seal ensure that the Straw Cups are spill-proof. They are a spare part for our Straw Cups and are, of course, BPA-free to ensure your kid's safety.

Material: Silicone
Quantity in package: 2 + 1
2x Straw + 1x Straw Cup Seal12 mth

11.99 USD

6.00 USD

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