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3x Cloud Squeeze Bath Toy

0 mth+ / Mixed colors


6.45 EUR

Say hi to our family members – Cumulus, Stratus & Cirrus. Our cloud-shaped bath toys are fun for your baby to play with during the bath. They float in the water and come in three different colours and funny facial impressions. The toys are easy to grip for small hands and fun to squeeze.

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Product Description

Twistshakes bath toys come in 3-packs. They are made of rubber and are, of course, free from BPA and phthalates. Suitable for children from 0 months.

Tips to extend your bath toys' life and avoid bacterial growth!

Always squeeze out any remaining water and dry the product after use. Then keep the toys upside down while storing them to avoid bacterial growth. Also, clean the products every other week with a mixture of water and white wine vinegar (two parts vinegar and eight parts water). Fill the bath toys with the mixture and let them stay overnight. Rinse and dry them thoroughly before the next use.

Material: PVC rubber  
Free from: BPA & Phtalates
Recommended age: From 0 months
3x Cloud Squeeze Bath Toy0 mth+ / Mixed colors

12.90 EUR

6.45 EUR

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