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Luxury Bath Kit

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The Luxury Bath Kit. All the essentials needed to make bath time comfortable, safe and fun for both you and your baby.

- Ultra-Compact: The tub folds down to just 10 cm, easy to hide if you have limited space.
- The Back Saver: Enjoy an ergonomic stand design that will spare your back during your baby's bath time.
- One Size Fits All: Cushion has adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit for every baby.
- Clean and Tidy: Engineered for mess-free draining, keeping things neat and hassle-free.

This bundle includes: Bathtub, Bath Stand, Bath Cushion, Rinser, Bath Toys, Drain Hose

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Q: From what age can my baby use the Bathtub?

Right from the get-go! Our tub is perfect for newborns, especially with our plush Bath Cushion (included in this bundle!) for added support, and works great for kids up to the age of 4, or until they're standing on their own two feet.

Also, did you know that babies are natural swimmers? Some babies learn how to swim from when they’re 1 years old. So getting your baby comfortable with having fun with water early, will have a productive effect later in life!

Q: Any tips or guidelines for keeping bath time safe?

Top of the list: stay close and attentive to your baby, use warm (not hot) water, and keep essentials within arms reach! two-thirds. Choose mild baby products to prevent accidents and skin irritation. Always double-check the temperature before your baby dips in. Last but not least, don’t use baby oil with this product to avoid misoloring, save it for the post bath cuddles.

Q: What are the measurements of the bathstand folded and unfolded?


64,2 CM Length

15 CM Width

109,5 CM Height


64,2 Length

69,6 CM Width

95,5 CM Height

NW: 4,5kg

Q: What are the measurements of the Bathtub folded and unfolded?


79,5 CM Length

47,5 CM Width

10 CM Height


79,5 CM Length

47,5 CM Width

20 CM Height

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