2x Container 100ml White

4 fl oz / 0 mth+ / White


5.59 EUR

Make it easy to bring infant formula or gruel in our smart formula dispensers. Portion the right amount in your jar, put it in your empty baby bottle, and then conveniently store it in your diaper bag until hunger strikes.

♥︎ Easy to pre-portion formula powder at home
♥︎ Can also be used for snacks
♥︎ Conveniently stored in your empty baby bottle
♥︎ Holds 100ml
♥︎ Comes in a 2-pack

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With our formula dispensers, it's both faster and easier to prepare formula, gruel, or porridge when you're on the go. The jars hold 100 ml and come in a 2-pack. You can also store other things in the containers, such as an extra pacifier, fruit, or snacks.

Material: PP plastic
Free from: BPA
Size: 2 x 100 ml

Smart function and modern design

Smart Storage

Fill the containers with important things for your baby such as pacifiers, snacks or fruits.

Completely Free from BPA

Your child's safety is our first and biggest priority. You should feel safe using Twistshake's products! Therefore, all our products are tested to ensure that they are non-toxic.

2x Container 100ml White4 fl oz / 0 mth+ / White

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5.59 EUR

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