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Make rinsing a breeze without any tears! Twistshakes rinser offers complete water flow control to keep water and shampoo out of your baby's eyes. It's easy to hold and doubles up as a fun bath toy. A 2-in-1 solution that's perfect for newborns and older babies!

♥︎ No more tears!
♥︎ Full control over water flow
♥︎ Perfect for rinsing newborns
♥︎ 2 in 1 rinser and fun bath toy!
♥︎ Easy-to-grip handle

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Product Description

Say hello to Twistshakes rinser, designed with babies' comfort and needs in mind. The ultimate solution for stress-free bath time!

The rinser is super easy to hold and provides full water flow control, making it a breeze to rinse your baby's hair without any water or shampoo getting into their eyes. The result? A happy baby who actually enjoys bath time!

Another great thing about the rinser is that it's also an appreciated bath toy for older babies. So why wouldn't you want this awesome product?

Say goodbye to tears and stressful baths. We've got you covered!

Height (cm): 20
Width (cm): 13
Color: White/Grey
Material: PP-plastic
Free from: BPA
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116,95 HRK

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