Infant Bibs 2-pack 4 mth+ / Grey & White - 1
Infant Bibs 2-pack 4 mth+ / Grey & White - 2

Infant Bibs 2-pack

4 mth+ / Grey & White


15.39 EUR

Twistshakes bibs have large spill pockets that catch most of the spill that doesn't make it all the way into the mouth. The bibs are easily adjusted at the back of the neck as your child grows to always sit as well as possible and protect clothes from tough stains.

♥︎ Large spill pocket
♥︎ Protects the clothes
♥︎ Easy to adjust the size
♥︎ Designed not to get stuck under the table
♥︎ BPA-free & dishwasher safe
Colour: Grey & White
Infant Bibs 2-pack
Infant Bibs 2-pack
Infant Bibs 2-pack
Infant Bibs 2-pack 4 mth+ / Grey & White

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Q: At what age can my baby start using a bib?

Our bibs are suitable for use from 4 months and onward!

Q: Do Twistshake bibs contain silicone?

No, our bibs are crafted from PP plastic and TPE rubber.

Q: Should I get the regular bib or the Long Sleeve Bib)?

The long sleeved bib is softer, protects more of your babys clothing, and doubles as a great accessory during playtime activities, like crafting, drawing, painting, etc.

The regular bib can be used from as early as 4 months, is easier to clean (dishwasher friendly) and has a deeper pocket to catch more food.

Material: PP plastic and TPE rubber
Dishwasher safe: Yes, on the upper rack
Adjustable size: Yes
Recommended age: 4+ months
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Our bibs are easy to keep clean as they are suitable for washing in the dishwasher on the upper rack. The bibs come in a pack of 2, so when one is in the dishwasher, you always have another one!

Smart function and modern design

Soft Material

Soft material that is gentle on your baby.

Adjustable Neck Hole

Adjustable neck hole which extends its service-life. Adjust the hole to fit your baby as it grows.

Large pocket

A large pocket that holds lot of overspill, stopping you baby's food from falling out.

Infant Bibs 2-pack4 mth+ / Grey & White

21.99 EUR

15.39 EUR

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