Wet Wipe Pouch Strawberry 0 mth+ / Outlet - 1

Wet Wipe Pouch Strawberry

0 mth+ / Outlet


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The Twistshake Wet Wipe Pouch is a safe and convenient way to keep fresh baby wipes during your travels. The pouch can be easily stored and retrieve from inside a handbag or pram.
Colour: Outlet
Wet Wipe Pouch Strawberry 0 mth+ / Outlet
Wet Wipe Pouch Beige

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Twistshake Wet Wipe Pouch is made using skin-friendly material to ensure the comfort and safety of your child. It boasts of a compact and light design, but it remains spacious and flexible enough for regular use during your travels. The size is suitable for most wet wipe brands in the market, so you don’t have to worry about finding any specific brand when you’re on the road.

For your convenience, the pouch comes with a detachable strap that will leave your hands free to attend to your baby. You can even hang the strap on a pram or stroller. The easy zip closure also means getting wet wipes won’t be too much of a challenge when it’s time for cleaning.

Keeps wet wipes fresh
Easy zip closure
Detachable strap
Light and compact design
Made from EVA
Size: 14 x 24 cm
Wet Wipe Pouch Strawberry0 mth+ / Outlet

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10.00 EUR

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