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100 fl oz / 0 mese+ / Blue


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Smart container for measuring and storing your baby's porridge or cereal, and other essentials such as pacifiers and corn snacks. Stackable. Free from BPA. Supplied in a 2-pack.
Colore: Blue

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Descrizione del prodotto

A smart little container for anything baby-related! Serve your baby's porridge or cereal in this container when you are going away, or you can use it as storage for various essentials such as sweets and snacks. The container has an opening that is narrower than the neck of the bottle, which means that you can avoid waste when refilling! It can also be used for cleaning pacifiers. Simply put a pacifier in the container with water and heat it in the microwave, and you have a clean pacifier in seconds. The container is conveniently stackable. Supplied in a 2-pack. Free from BPA, of course!

Senza BPA – un prodotto sicuro e affidabile per te e il tuo bambino
Plastica PP – realizzato in polipropilene di prima qualità
Disponibile in confezione da 2 x 100 ml – pratica misura
Apertura ampia – per porzionare e pulire facilmente

Funzionalità intelligenti e design moderno

Smart Storage

Fill the containers with important things for your baby such as pacifiers, snacks or fruits.

Completely Free from BPA

Your child's safety is our first and biggest priority. You should feel safe using Twistshake's products! Therefore, all our products are tested to ensure that they are non-toxic.

2x Container100 fl oz / 0 mese+ / Blue

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4.00 EUR