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Jessica the Lamb from Twistshake is a comfort blanket in the form of a cute lamb with chalky white wool and super soft ears. She is an expert at providing peace and security and is guaranteed to be a new favourite of the family's smallest!
Colore: Lamb

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Descrizione del prodotto

If there is anyone who can give a large dose of peace and security then it is Jessica the Lamb. She is completely carefree and calm and has been training for a long time to comfort and cheer up her brothers and sisters. That's why she knows exactly what to do when sad tears stream down children's cheeks. Jessica the Lamb offers her heavenly soft wool when your little one wants to cuddle a little extra. Let your sweetheart snuggle her nose into Jessica's super soft, bright white wool when it's time to sleep or take her as a comforting hand to hold in situations when things may feel a little extra scary and strange.

Twistshake's comfort blanket in this cute lamb design is made of a soft and high quality velour fabric. The pure white fabric makes Jessica the Lamb just as lovely to cuddle with as she is to look at as she sits in the bookshelf in the bedroom waiting for her best friend to go to bed. Her fuzzy ears are perfect for both cosy moments and for wiping away tears, and her long arms and soft body make her easy to hold when she goes out on an adventure. The comfort blanket also has a practical label where you can write the child's name and phone number should she happen to disappear.

[/ c] Si presenta sotto forma di simpatica pecorella [/ c] Morbido velour bianco brillante (100% poliestere)
Dotata di una pratica etichetta per nome e numero di telefono
Lavabile in lavatrice a 40 gradi
Materiale ignifugo senza ritardante di fiamma aggiunto
Marchio CE
Testata EN71
Dettagli sicuri garantiscono un uso sicuro
Dimensioni: 33x33 cm

Funzionalità intelligenti e design moderno

Soft material

Jessica the Lamb is made from irresistibly soft material and feels comforting against small cheeks.

Designed with safety in mind

Twistshake's comfort blanket is flame resistant and comes with secure details so it is safe to use.

Several variations

The comfort blankets are also available as lions, elephants and bunnies.