Divided Plate

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Twistshake’s Divided plate allows your child to keep their portions separate when they should not be mixed. A useful lid comes with each plate.
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Descrizione del prodotto

Twistshake’s Divided plate allows your child to keep their portions separate when necessary. It is easy for you to arrange the food nicely - perfect for the child who likes to eat different foods separately. Made from hard and 100% non-toxic PP and TPE plastic, Twistshake’s Divided plate is of course, completely free from BPA, so you feel safe with the product and also give your child the best start in life. It is safe for the microwave and for the dishwasher on the upper rack. Suitable for your child from 6 months of age and available in several lovely colours. Which is your little one’s favourite?

Twistshake’s Divided plate has an anti-slip bottom that keeps the plate in place more easily during the meal. If you have two or more plates, they are excellent for stacking and clicking onto each other for easy storage, thanks to Twistshake's smart TwistClick function. A useful lid is included with the plate, turning it into a smart food box for any leftover food or for storing food on a day out. For an easier daily life during the toddler years, the plate can be attached to Twistshake's Click-mat, making it almost immovable. Twistshake's Click-mat is a smart mat that works with the plate to form a vacuum. The Plate attaches to the mat with a simple click and a twist to the right and the mat holds the plate to the dining table. Suitable for flat dining tables, it is available in two different sizes: Click-mat mini 6 + M and Click-mat with plate 6 + M. A must for parents when your child starts eating, and discovers how much fun it is to throw the plate on the floor! In addition to the divided plate, our range has a deep plate for lighter liquid food and a flat plate for the rest of the treats Mum or Dad have to offer.

Senza BPA: un prodotto sicuro e affidabile per te e il tuo bambino.
Fondo antiscivolo: impedisce al piatto di scivolare facilmente sul tavolo da pranzo.
Piatto diviso: perfetto per quando il cibo non deve essere mischiato e servito separatamente.
210 ML + 2X90 ML / 7 OZ + 2X3 OZ.
Realizzato con materiali di alta qualità – PP e plastica TPE.
TwistClick – con il coperchio intelligente hai anche un portapranzo per conservare il cibo o da portare con voi durante le gite.
Adatto al microonde, lavabile in lavastoviglie nel cestello superiore.
Adatto al il tuo bambino a partire da 6 mesi di età.
Click-mat –attacca il tuo piatto con un semplice clic al Click-mat intelligente di Twistshake (tovaglietta con con ventosa) ed evita i piatti sul pavimento.