Bathroom stool

24 mth / Grey


17.56 EUR

Boost your child's independence with Twistshakes bathroom stool! It's the perfect zink-reacher when washing hands or brushing teeth. With its steady design and non-slip bottom and top, our stool will quickly become your baby's favorite tool to reach new heights.

♥︎ Your newest bathroom superhero
♥︎ Helps your little one reach new heights
♥︎ Super steady & stylish design
♥︎ Slippery safe, non-slip bottom & top
♥︎ Perfect when washing hands or brushing teeth
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Product Description

Not only is Twistshakes bathroom stool designed to help your little one reach new heights, but it's also the perfect addition to any bathroom! With its stylish design and steady non-slip build, you can trust that the stool won't tip, and your baby won't slip. Whether your little one needs help washing their hands or brushing their teeth, our stool is the perfect tool.

So why wait? Give your baby a boost, and watch as they tackle new heights with confidence and ease!

Height (cm): 16
Lenght (cm): 39
Width (cm): 27
Max. weight (kg): 50
Color: White/Grey
Material: PP-plastic & TPE-rubber
Free from: BPA
Bathroom stool24 mth / Grey

43.90 EUR

17.56 EUR

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