Teether Cooler

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The ultimate teething ring for your teething infant. Put it in the fridge before use to nicely cool sore and itchy gums. Suitable for babies from 2 months, free from BPA.
Colore: Black

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Descrizione del prodotto

A must for all parents whose infants have sore gums! Twistshake's teething cooler is water-filled, keeping it chilled so that your baby's gums feel nice and cool as the first teeth emerge. The material has a textured surface, giving a nice massage, and the hook-shaped design makes the teething ring easy to hold from all angles. It is also easy to hold by its ring-shaped handgrip - perfect for an infant's hands. Store in a refrigerator before use. Choose from a variety of beautiful colours!

Senza BPA: un prodotto sicuro e affidabile per te e il tuo bambino.
Superficie ruvida che regala un piacevole massaggio alle gengive.
Parte fredda che rinfresca piacevolmente le gengive irritate.
Extra leggero e facile da impugnare.
Adatto per bambini a partire da 2 mesi.
Plastica PP ed EVA – realizzato con materiali di prima qualità.

Funzionalità intelligenti e design moderno

Water-Filled for Cooling

The teething ring is water-filled, keeping it chilled to cool down tender and itchy gums during teething. Store in the refrigerator before use.

Easy to Hold

The teething ring is extra light and easy to hold with its circular handgrip. Ideal for infants' hands.


The special design makes it easy for your baby to reach right inside its mouth.

Teether Cooler2 mese+ / Black

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4.00 EUR