Starter Kit Newborn, Bottles, Drying rack & Accessories 0 mth+ / Customize - 1
Starter Kit Newborn, Bottles, Drying rack & Accessories 0 mth+ / Customize - 2

Starter Kit Newborn, Bottles, Drying rack & Accessories

0 mth+ / Customize


53.15 EUR

This is the perfect bundle for new parents.

- Includes 3 baby bottles.
- Keep your gruel, infant formula, porridge powder (or coffee!) fresh for longer.
- Read more features and Q&A’s under each individual product.

This bundle includes: 3x Anti-colic baby bottle 180 ml, 2x Pacifier, Pacifier Clip, Formula container 1700 ml, Drying Rack.

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Q: What teat size is included with the bottle?

Our 180ml baby bottle comes with a size S teat, specially designed for newborns (from 0+ months). The teat boasts a soft silicone, round-shaped design that mimics a mother's breast. Additionally, all our teats are compatible with all our bottles, offering seamless adaptability as your baby grows.

Note: We recommend changing your baby's teat every 2 months to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Between each use, always inspect the teat for any cracks or damage, and replace it immediately if any issues are detected.

Q: How does Twistshake's anti-colic bottle enhance my baby's feeding experience?

Twistshake's anti-colic baby bottle, featuring our innovative TwistFlow technology, guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted drinking flow. By eliminating air bubbles that can lead to discomfort, it significantly reduces the risk of colic for your precious baby.

Q: What's the recommended method for cleaning the baby bottle?

Cleaning our bottles is a breeze, and you have two options: you can either use a dishwasher or clean them by hand with a gentle brush. To ensure thorough cleaning, be sure to disassemble all components and allow them to air dry. If desired, you can periodically sterilize the bottle by boiling it in water.

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