Squeeze bag 100ml 8x BUNDLE 4 fl oz / 6 mth+ / Mixed colors - 1
Squeeze bag 100ml 8x BUNDLE 4 fl oz / 6 mth+ / Mixed colors - 2

Squeeze bag 100ml 8x BUNDLE

4 fl oz / 6 mth+ / Mixed colors


6.00 EUR

Say goodbye to store-bought Squeeze Bags and embrace the fun of making your very own. Fill the bags with delicious homemade baby food, creamy porridge, refreshing smoothie, or yummy fruit puree. Perfect for when you’re going on adventures!

♥︎ Perfect for homemade baby food & puree
♥︎ Reusable, environmentally friendly & freezer safe
♥︎ Bottom ziplock for easy filling & cleaning
♥︎ Dishwasher safe on the top rack
♥︎ Holds 100ml & comes in a pack of 8

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Prepare to be amazed by the convenience of Twistshakes refillable Squeeze Bags! This fantastic pack of eight bags, each holding 100 ml, will revolutionize your snack game while you’re on-the-go.

After enjoying your homemade delights, simply pop the bags in the dishwasher's top rack for a quick and easy cleanup. Then, refill them to be prepared for your next adventure!

Holds (ml): 100
Material: PE plastic & PET
Free from: BPA
Dishwasher safe: Yes, on the top rack

Smart function and modern design

Squeeze Bag Refill

Twistshake's reusable squeeze bag has a resealable cap.


Double ziplock opening for filling, cleaning and resealing to prevent leakage

Two Sizes

Two sizes to choose from for different requirements: 100 ml and 220 ml.

Squeeze bag 100ml 8x BUNDLE4 fl oz / 6 mth+ / Mixed colors

29.99 EUR

6.00 EUR

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