7x Ice Pops

2.8 fl oz / 4 mth+ / Mixed colors


7.50 EUR

With Twistshake Ice Pop Pouch, you can make healthy, homemade ice pops at your own convenience. Choose your favourite flavours using fruit juices, pureed fruits, smoothies and yogurt. Your choices of unique flavours are practically endless. You can even add berries for an extra kick! Each Twistshake Ice Pop Pouch has an 80ml capacity and is available in packs of seven, each with a different unique pattern

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Product Description

Making homemade ice pops has never been easier. After mixing your favourite flavours, simply pour them inside Twistshake’s Ice Pop Pouch. Seal the zip of the pouch and put it in the freezer. Yes, you don’t have to worry about tying the top of the pouch with knots, clips, sticks or rubber bands – our zips make things so simple.Once the ice pop hardens, you will be able to savour their delicious taste to your heart’s desire. Since the pouches are washable and reusable, you can use them over and over again!

Endless flavours
Easy to use
Provide healthy choices
BPA Free
7x Ice Pops2.8 fl oz / 4 mth+ / Mixed colors

14.99 EUR

7.50 EUR

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