Twistshake Tour Umbrella Beige

0 mth+ / Beige

54.99 EUR

Protect your little one from the sun's strong rays with our stroller parasol with UPF50+. You can easily attach it to your stroller's chassis with the smart clamp. Then adjust the angle of the parasol according to the sun's rays.

♥︎ Protects against the sun's strong rays (UPF50+)
♥︎ Fits almost all strollers on the market
♥︎ Easy to attach with the clamp
♥︎ Easy to adjust and position
♥︎ 80 cm in diameter
Colour: Beige

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The sun is lovely, but shade is best for our little ones. A stroller parasol is great when the hood isn't enough and allows you to offer your little one shade even when the sun is shining. The parasol comes in three different colors that match perfectly with Twistshake Tour.

Diameter (cm): 80
Sun protection factor: UPF50+
Color: Black, gray, beige
Max width for clamp (cm): 3.5
Twistshake Tour Umbrella Beige0 mth+ / Beige

54.99 EUR

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