Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

260 fl oz / 2 mês+ / Pink


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Twistshake’s anti-colic feeding bottle counteracts infant colic with an air valve and mixer net. BPA free. Soft, round teat. Wide bottleneck. Swedish design.
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With its thoughtful shape and design, Twistshake's Baby Bottle creates a pleasant feeding time for you and your baby. The baby bottle has the unique TwistFlow anti-colic system, which features an air valve and mixer net. It counteracts colic with a steady flow that prevents unnecessary air from reaching your baby's sensitive stomach. The baby bottle is available in several sizes so your baby can grow with Twistshake: Baby Bottle Newborn 180 ml, Baby Bottle 260 ml and Baby Bottle 330 ml. The baby bottle is of course, free from BPA and is made of quality-assured PP plastic so you can feel safe and secure with this product.

Twistshake's baby bottle comes with a nice surprise: a handy container in which you can prepare your baby's formula when you are going away with your baby. It also serves as the perfect container for your baby's snacks such as vegetable sticks or fruit pieces, and is stackable for easy storage.

With an extra wide neck, Twistshake's baby bottle is easy to clean and refill, and has a grip-friendly, thick plastic design that holds heat longer. The associated teat is made of 100% non-toxic silicone and has a round, soft shape that mimics a mother's breast.

Sem BPA – um produto seguro para si e para o seu bebé.
Plástico PP - fabricado com polipropileno de alta qualidade.
Tetina - de silicone no tamanho M (2+m) com válvula de ar.
Rede misturadora - dissolve todos os grumos.
Biberão anticólicas - O sistema de fluxo da Twistshake, o TwistFlow, neutraliza as cólicas do bebé com a sua válvula de ar e a rede misturadora.
Recipiente inteligente - prepare a refeição em casa no adequado recipiente. Se tiver dois ou mais, pode empilhá-los.
Gargalo extra largo - fácil de lavar e de encher.
Concebido ergonomicamente - fácil de agarrar, para os bebés e para os adultos.
Disponível em várias cores à sua escolha - rosa bebé, azul bebé, verde hortelã, lilás, cinzento, branco e preto.

Função inteligente e design moderno

Anti-Colic Teat

Twistshake’s specially-designed teat is made from the carefully tested material silicone, and has an air valve for a smooth flow to prevent excess air from reaching your baby's sensitive stomach. With a round, soft shape, it is of course, free from BPA, BPS, BPF.

Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

Twistshake's baby bottle counteracts an infant’s colic with the smart flow system Twistflow, which consists of an air valve and mixer-net for a smooth flow, that prevents excess air from reaching your baby's sensitive stomach.

Anti-Colic Mixer Net

Twistshake's baby bottle always comes with a smart mixer net that prevents clumping during shaking, and ensures a smooth mix for an even flow.

Smart Formula Container

You can use this container to prepare your next meal in advance, or store snacks such as vegetable sticks or fruit pieces in it. It is stackable for easy storage.

Easy to Clean

Twistshake's baby bottle's has a straight design that allows for an extra-wide bottle neck to make it easier to wash with the washing-up brush, without compromising the grip and feel of the bottle.

Teat Flow

Twistshake has a range of teats with a selection of flow rates. If the flow in our standard teat does not suit your baby, it is very easy to change.

Multiple Sizes

Do you need a different the size for your baby? Don't worry if the size does not suit your baby, we offer a range of sizes - take a look!

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Anti-Colic Baby Bottle260 fl oz / 2 mês+ / Pink

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