Formula Container

1700 fl oz / 0 mês+ / White


16.50 EUR

Convenient formula container for your baby's formula or other dry goods. Comes with a scoop, a smart edge for easy measuring, and an airtight lid that opens with just a click. Available in several colours!
Cor: White

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Descrição do produto

Smart storage for your baby's formula, or porridge. Never before has it been easier to serve food to your baby with just one hand! This innovative powder container has a hygienic design with an airtight lid that can be opened with just a click. Included in the powder container is a scoop as well as a smart edge, so you can scrape off excess powder to give the right amount to your baby. Tip! Buy a few powder containers in different colours to identify different contents. Choose between white, black, blue and pink. Psst.... The formula container works well for your tea and coffee too.

Sem BPA – um produto seguro para si e para o seu bebé.
Tampa hermética - para guardar o leite em pó, o substituto ou a papa do seu bebé com o máximo de higiene.
Tamanho cómodo - capacidade de 1700 ml.
Tampa com clique - fácil de abrir com um simples clique.
Pega inteligente - a colher está sempre à mão. A colher incluída tem capacidade de 9,4 ml (aprox. 4,5 gramas de leite em pó)
Fabricado em plástico AS e ABS de alta qualidade alimentar.

Função inteligente e design moderno

Airtight Lid

The formula container's airtight lid ensures that bacteria and dirt are kept out. The lid opens easily with the click of a button in the centre.

Smart Edge

For easier measuring, fill your scoop with powder and scrape it off using the edge which is fitted in one of the corners of the container. The smart edge is removable and easy to clean.

Removable Hanger

Attach your scoop easily and keep it away from the powder when not in use. The gripper also acts as a hanger, which allows you to hang the lid on the side of the container.


The scoop attaches easily to the gripper in the lid, keeping it from disappearing into the powder or being dropped completely.

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