Formula Container

60 fl oz / 0 mth+ / Black


17.50 EUR

Twistshakes formula container keeps your gruel, infant formula, or porridge powder nice and fresh for longer. The container also includes a dosing scoop and deduction edge, making it a breeze to measure the correct amount of powder.

♥︎ Perfect for storing gruel, infant formula, or porridge
♥︎ Airtight lid keeps the powder fresh
♥︎ Practical storage & no more leaking bags!
♥︎ Dosing scoop & deduction edge included
♥︎ Holds 1700 ml
Colour: Black

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Product Description

Say no to leaking bags and yes to easy storage with our formula container. Perfect for storing gruel, infant formula, porridge powder, (or coffee!). The smart push-open airtight lid keeps germs and bacteria away and ensures your powder stays fresh for longer.

Thanks to the included dosing scoop and deduction edge, measuring your powder is now a breeze. Just scoop up the right amount and remove the excess on the deduction edge. Easy as that!

So, do yourself a favor and buy this one today. We promise you won’t regret it!

BPA free - a safe and secure product for you and your baby.
Airtight lid - for hygienic storage of your baby's formula, substitute or porridge.
Convenient size - holds 1700 ml.
Click Lid - easy to open with a simple click.
Smart hanger - your scoop is always close at hand. The included scoop holds 9.4 ml (approx. 4.5 grams of formula powder)
Made in high-quality food-grade AS and ABS plastic.

Smart function and modern design

Airtight Lid

The formula container's airtight lid ensures that bacteria and dirt are kept out. The lid opens easily with the click of a button in the centre.

Smart Edge

For easier measuring, fill your scoop with powder and scrape it off using the edge which is fitted in one of the corners of the container. The smart edge is removable and easy to clean.

Removable Hanger

Attach your scoop easily and keep it away from the powder when not in use. The gripper also acts as a hanger, which allows you to hang the lid on the side of the container.


The scoop attaches easily to the gripper in the lid, keeping it from disappearing into the powder or being dropped completely.

Formula Container60 fl oz / 0 mth+ / Black

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17.50 EUR

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