Click-Mat Mini + Plate Grey


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As fun as it might be for your baby to throw plates on the floor, it’s maybe not as fun for you. So, be one step ahead of your little one with Twistshakes Click-Mat + Plate. Together these two stick to your flat and clean dining table, making them almost immovable!
If you’re wondering how to use it, check out our step-by-step guide in the product description below.

♥︎ Sticks to the dining table or highchair with a vacuum
♥︎ Plate + lid is included & works as a lunch box
♥︎ Available in two different sizes
♥︎ All our plates & bowls are compatible with our Click-Mats
♥︎ Choose from different colors. Dishwasher safe
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Looking for a way to avoid messy mealtimes? Look no more. We’ve got what you need!

Twistshakes Click-Mat Mini is the ultimate placemat to fit your dining table or the tray on your highchair. Simply push the center of your Click-Mat to create a vacuum, keeping the placemat in place. Then, twist the plate onto your Click-Mat Mini and be sure that it’s stuck.

We call it TwistClick – the fantastic innovation that not only protects your table from stains and scratches, but also you from plates flying around in the kitchen!

Here’s how you use it, step-by-step:

1. Place your Click-Mat on a flat and clean surface

2. Press on the center of the placemat until it’s stuck

3. Take your plate and twist it onto your Click-Mat until it’s stuck

4. Now, try to move it – almost impossible, right?

After your baby finishes eating, use the including lid on your plate to save any leftovers in the fridge – an easy way to reduce food waste!

Our Click-Mat Mini is a must-have for every parent who wants to avoid messy meals. And, to complete your tableware collection, don’t miss checking out our other compatible plates and bowls!

Plate diameter (cm): 20
Plate depth (cm): 4.5
Plate material: PP plastic and TPE rubber
Plate free from: BPA
Click-Mat Mini length (cm): 31
Click-Mat Mini width (cm): 17
Click-Mat Mini material: Silicone, stainless steel, PP plastic & TPE rubber

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